Mike Sellari

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Watching Movies: Truth

I spent my Friday night at the movies watching TRUTH. It is the true story of the people behind the scenes of the CBS Killian Documents Controversy in 2004. I had totally forgotten about all of this and part of me knows that I wasn't even aware of these events due to the fact that I was in the 7th grade when they occurred.

In no way is it a perfect film, though the cast was phenomenal and everything in the script works great (not perfectly, but great) with on another. Cate Blanchet and Topher Grace specifically shine while Robert Redfrord does a great job in his portrayal of Dan Rather.

The script works so well together it really should be shown in film schools just to see how most scripts are essentially a Rube Goldberg machine. It's the NEWSROOM meets THE INSIDER meets ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN with great morals.

Again not the best movie I've seen, but it is sticking with me for some reason. All my news and TV peeps for sure will dig it. I find myself re-watching the trailer over and over again. It is hard to see what could be truth and what could be fiction in the film from what people at CBS have said about it's accuracy, but I fear that is the case with all films based on true stories. Whether or not truth was skewed, it works to make a great film.

I highly recommend that if you are on the fence about what movie to see and your theater carries it, give this one a try.