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9 The Reverend Tall Tree on Wine & Music

8 Franklin Leonard on Presidential Elections

Franklin Leonard (BLCKLST Table Reads, Blcklst.com) sits down with Mike and Chad to get super political (except not really). We focus on the upcoming presidential election, technology's impact on election evolution, The West Wing, society, the Confederate Flag, and (of course) Hamilton: The Musical*.

*Franklin was right, I didn't listen to anything else for a month

7 Amy Nicholson on Animal Sexuality

We sit down with LA Weekly's Amy Nicholson to discuss the topic of Animal Sexuality and how this relates to human beings. Get ready for some raunchy conversations about sex and Bonobos. We also get into monkey prostitutes, penis shapes, birth control, and a whole lot more.

6 John Roberts on Janet Jackson

John Roberts (BOB'S BURGERS) joins Mike and Chad to talk about his true love; singer/icon Janet Jackson. We get into the dying art of music videos, the 1980's, Butt Piercings, Boobs, and all things Janet!

5 Andie Bolt and Amy Vorpahl on Internet Shame

4 Elizabeth De Razzo on The X-Files

Elizabeth De Razzo (EASTBOUND & DOWN, IDIOT SITTER, THE 33) joins Mike and Chad to discuss her biggest passion ever: The X-Files. We talk about her love for Gillian Anderson, her judgement over Mike's taste in the episodes he watched, and the sexiness of David Duchovny as well as her anticipations of the new miniseries coming in January. 

Show Notes:

2 Sarah Dumont on Labeling

Sarah Dumont (SCOUTS GUIDE TO THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE) joins Mike and Chad in the studio to go over the topic of labeling. There is a lot of judgement and dealing with labels, bullying, spell checking, old tacos, lady snowboarders, pick up lines, and lots of other stuff. We also get into the love of binge watching TV shows on Netflix.

Mike also confuses Caitlyn Jenner with Greg Louganis.

Show Notes:

    1 Alison Haislip on Space

    Alison Haislip (ATTACK THE SHOW, THE HALF HOUR HAPPY HOUR) joins Mike and Chad in the studio to talk about Space (outer space, not the space between things). We get into fun topics such as parallel universes, dreams, outrage over Pluto not being a planet, dinosaurs, the unknown, and much more in our very first episode! 

    Show Notes: