Mike Sellari

Director. Writer. Producer. Comedian. Amateur Detective.

28 Spencer Grammer On Technology

Spencer Grammer (GREEK, RICK AND MORTY) comes on the show to talk about a whole mess of stuff concerning Technology. We get into so many things including SEX AND THE CITY, getting off social media, apps, video games, arcades, being a mom with other moms, doing nice things, pictures, Mike's Christmas presents as a kid, Spencer's dream game room, and Chad's missed opportunity to join The Lonely Island.

27 D.C. Pierson On Grandparents

DC Pierson (Derrick Comedy, MYSTERY TEAM, CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLIDER) comes to the Nerdist booths to talk about his grandparents allowing us to reflect on all of our grandparents. Other things that come up include thinking about the future, tattoos, grandparent adoption, death, names, and getting lost in all of our collective family trees.

26 Matt Barr on '90s Action Movies LIVE!

Recorded live at the Nerdist School in Los Angeles as apart of Podcast Punchout, Matt Barr (THE LAYOVER, SLEEPY HOLLOW, HATFIELDS & MCCOYS, and CASTLE!) joins Mike and Chad in front of an audience to geek out about all the awesome action movies from the 1990's that you've rewatched time and time again. We get deep in to DEMOLITION MAN, CON AIR, DIE HARD WITH A VENGEANCE, FACE/OFF, BROKEN ARROW, POINT BREAK, THE MATRIX, and many more.

25 Neil McNeil on Women In Marvel

24 George Watsky on the Sea

Rapper, slam poet, author, and actor George Watsky comes on the show to talk about the sea. We get into crazy sea stories, science, scuba and deep sea diving, surfing, localism, animals, whale teeth, beaches, sea shanties and songs, the romanticism of the ocean, George working on the 4th season of Arrested Development, and most importantly Waterworld. George's new tour xInfinity dates have been announced. Get tickets here.

23 Jessie Graff on Fear

Stunt woman and crazy awesome person Jessie Graff (AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR, SUPER WOMEN podcast) sit down with Mike and Chad to talk about the stuff that scares us. We talk all about fear and over coming fear. We also get into haunted houses, social fears, stress, death, rationality, phobias, overcoming fear, pull ups, and Chad's time as a welder.

22 Mike Gandolfi & Stephanie Storey on Iceland

Husband and wife Mike Gandolfi (GILMORE GIRLS, DENNIS MILLER LIVE, ROSEANNE) and Stephanie Storey (OIL AND MARBLE, THE WRITERS ROOM) join Mike and Chad to talk about their trip to Iceland and how fantastic the country is. We get into travel, Reykjavík, comparative literature, trying new foods, sharks, and how underwhelming Mike felt the Northern Lights are.

[NOTE I (Mike Sellari) mispronounce Mike Gandolfi's last name as Gandolfini. Basically I wish he was Tony Soprano]

21 Daniel Mills on Beyoncé

Comedian and Musician Daniel Mills (The Four Horseman of the Funkpocalypse) comes to talk about pop icon Beyoncé. We get into the newest Beyoncé visual album "Lemonade," Beyoncé's discography, Prince, 90's music trends, The Bey-Hive fans, Michael Jackson's funeral, Stevie Nicks, breaking down the ideas of how music delivery and music videos are presented, and comparing Beyoncé to Attila the Hun.

20 Lana Condor on Yoga

Lana Condor (X-MEN: APOCALYPSE) sits down with Mike and a This On That All Star - Matt Acevedo (COLD READ RADIO) to go over one of her passions - yoga. We get into everything from different types of yoga, war movies, temperature issues, secret Instagrams, drugs, punching, and Matt's time working at In N' Out. 

19 Michelle Krusiec on Being Asian in America

18 Josh McDermitt on Texting

Josh McDermitt (THE WALKING DEAD, LAST COMIC STANDING) comes on the show to get all of his woes about texting off of his chest. We get into the dangers of texting and driving, group messages, communication/miscommunication, technology, sarcasm, insurance, and the idea of what life could be like if you just put your cell phone down for long periods of time.

17 Paul Sloan on Watchmen

Paul Sloan (I AM WRATH, VIGILANTE DIARIES), a diehard comic book lover and all around tough guy comes into the recording booth to talk about the ground breaking graphic novel WATCHMEN by Alan Moore and the film adaptation by Zack Snyder. We get in deep about both the graphic novel and the movie, about Zack Snyder as a director, comic books, society, the 1980s, the Smashing Pumpkins, what makes us human and beg to ask the question: who watches the Watchmen?

16 Joe Sumner on Game Of Thrones

Musician Joe Sumner (FICTION PLANE) comes over to the studio to geek out about GAME OF THRONES with Mike and Chad. We get into MANY theories, talk John Snow, should you read the books, what characters do you root for, and answer the age old question: what house are you?

15 Daisy Faith on Romantic Comedies

It is a very special episode of This on That with artist, comedian, and actress Daisy Faith records with Mike and Chad way back in the summer of 2015. We we are all way younger back then and it shows, but it doesn't mean we can't get romantic! We into what makes a romantic comedy, what works and what doesn't work, and how they have lied to us our entire lives and helped us to love and subsequently break out hearts.

14 Matt Acevedo and Natalie Curfman on Innocence

It's a very special episode because it is a CROSSOVER EPISODE! We have Natalie Curfman and Matt Acevedo form the Cold Read Radio podcast come on This on That to talk about Innocence. We get into sex, technology, death, Natalie's bad ass dad, and Mike's special nickname.

You can also go to Cold Read Radio's podcast to hear Chad and Mike guest on their latest episode. If you love podcast syngery and crossover episodes, you will love this crossover event.

13 Heather Mason on The Force Awakens & The Media

Heather Mason (Geek & Sundry, Amy Poehler's Smart Girls) comes into the studio to talk about reactions about one of the biggest movies in history - Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens. We get into our favorite couples, talk about our favorite characters, typical responses and theories, and get into a discussion about how people talk about Star Wars. May the Force be with you!

12 Patrick Brice on Criticism

Director, writer, and actor Patrick Brice (CREEP, THE OVERNIGHT) joins Mike and Chad in the studio for a spiritual season finale of This on That. We get into talking about how his own films have fared criticism, improv shows, movies and TV shows, bad amazon reviews, and flashlight apps. We have assurances from Patrick that his parents will be listening, so we hope we do a good job. 

11 Andy Erikson & Alex Stein on Making a Murderer

Andy Erikson (LAST COMIC STANDING) and Alex Stein AKA DJ Scuba (THE ALEX STEIN PODCAST) talking about their thoughts with the documentary series phenomenon MAKING A MURDERER. We get into cops, jury reform, the fishy stuff that went down, ambulances, Bernie Sanders, and just the overall meat of the show.

10 Ariana Madix on Robots

Photo Credit: Bravo

Photo Credit: Bravo

Ariana Madix (VANDERPUMP RULES) comes into studio to talk about one of her first and only loves: Robots. We geek out over the future, movies, Indiegogo, science, Paro, 3D printing, tamagotchi, and Sylvester Stallone. Enjoy!